We meet monthly, on the third Tuesday, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 1200 Foxfire, College Station, TX.  Please view the “Calendar” page for our yearly schedule.

At each meeting, there is a small, optional project to learn new stitches and techniques.  Any technique that can be done with a threaded needle is included in the scope of the Embroiderers’ Guild.  We plan our projects so members can learn the techniques of special interest to them.  Throughout the year, we sometimes work on larger group projects that provide the opportunity to practice a technique in depth.

Membership annual dues are $54 per year which includes membership in the local, regional, and national levels of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc. and a subscription to the magazine, Needle Arts.  Guests are welcome and encouraged to visit regular meetings.

National has changed the membership cycle to be from June 1 – May 31 for all members.  New members dues are prorated based on the quarter they join:  1st quarter (1/4 year) – dues are $13.50; 2nd quarter (1 year) – dues are $54.00; 3rd quarter (3/4 year) – dues are $40.50; 4th quarter (1/2 year) – dues are $27.   For more information…  contact   bvsmembership@gmail.com 


Brazos Valley Stitchers

An organizational meeting to form a chapter of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America was held on September 20, 1977.  At the first meeting The Embroiderers’ Guild of Brazos Valley there was about 40 members, it was held on October 17, 1977.  Dues were $12 a year.  Meetings were initially held in the afternoon and also in the evenings but were consolidated to an evening meeting on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm. 

June 6-June 9, 1984, the South Central Regional seminar was hosted by the Embroiderers’ Guild of Brazos Valley.  The seminar was held in the Rudder Tower at Texas A&M University.

In 1986, the guild designed and stitched ‘The Brazos Flower’ to commemorate the oak and steel sculpture installed at the entrance of the Brazos Center.  The 50” x 70” linen tapestry took a group of eight women 3-4 months to complete.  The petals were done in pulled work and the stems were stitched in blackwork on 30-count linen.

In 1995, the Salvation Army asked local volunteers to dress dolls that would be given to children who might not have otherwise received a Christmas present.  The Salvation Army was able to give 300 dolls to families and The Embroiderers’ Guild of Brazos Valley dressed 5 of those dolls.

The chapter chose to change the name from The Embroiderers’ Guild of Brazos Valley to the Brazos Valley Stitchers in 2002.

In 2006, our meeting dates were changed from Monday evenings to Tuesday evenings, 7-9 pm.  Currently we have 15 active members. Dues are $54 a year.

Brazos Valley Stitchers continues the education of the needle arts through volunteering their time and supplies. Organizations like Girls Scout of American, Home-Schoolers, and College Station Middle School have benefited from the teachings of our members.  We regularly demonstrate embroidery at Washington-on-the-Brazos Independence Days and for the Independence Historical Society.  We also exhibit our work around town.  In November 2008-Feb 2009, we exhibited our needlework at the Benz Gallery at Texas A&M University.  We also had an exhibit at the Brazos Center in 2010.  The local public libraries have also provided exhibit space to us over the years.

We continue to support our community by various volunteer projects.  In the past we have stitched bookmarks for Literary Volunteers of America, Samplers for Habitat for Humanity, knitted scarves and donated items to Child Protective Services, donated coats and blankets to the Twin City Mission, and in 2006, a year-long food drive to Brazos Food Bank.  In 2007 and 2008, we stitched Solider Kissing pillows for deployed Soldiers and their families. Our project in 2009 and 2010 was decorating a tree in the Lack’s Christmas tree decorating contest. The contest consisted of several groups decorating Christmas trees and the public voting for their favorite with a donated food item.   The three trees with the most votes won cash prizes. The donated food items were then given to the local food pantry.  We won $50 in 2010 for our tree.  In 2011, we made Humbug bags filled with toiletry items for a local charity

Since 2011, we  have continued to attended several of the annual events we are requested to demonstrate at as well as the charity work we enjoy working on including, but not limited to:

  • Art Step during the local downtown 1st Friday night celebrations in the months of March, June, and September
  • Boonville Heritage Days, Bryan, Texas
  • Cypress Historical Society, Cypress Texas
  • Habitat for Humanity Dishtowels to welcome families into their new homes (This is our current project for 2019
  • Independence Historical Society weekends in Independence, Texas
  • Local Libraries Teen/Tween Programs – various needlework programs
  • Making Every Stitch Count, Washington, Texas
  • Supported the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms with requested donations and a few Guild Members made Quiet Books
  • Washington on the Brazos, A Texas Independence Day in Washington Texas
  • We support the South Central Region’s Adult Literacy Program of hand-stitching bookmarks















The Brazos Valley Stitchers has created two, one-of-a-kind boards which we take with us to all of our demonstrations and events which attend throughout the year.    These boards include different samples of embroidery and a brief description of the technique displayed.   All of the pieces were made and provided by our members.